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unless you're not boring as


Hey.  You know how in the good ol' days, they used to be all like, "hey y'all, when you're typing, make sure you double space after the 'full stop'."  Yeah, and then, one day, they were like, "HEY, you know what?? It's time to make a name for ourselves in this wild English scene..what's something amazing we can discover? OH, I KNOW! We can take AWAY a space, just for funsies (oh, and no more of that 'full stop' nonsense. That shit confuses everyone)."  And then, you go to school and one teacher is like "HEY, where's the extra space?" and another is like "LISTEN UP, ya scoundrel, I don't wanna see that double space around these parts no more, ya hear?" Ok, ok yeah. Glad we're all on the same page.  Cuz THIS is my life.  Perpetually confused, but always SLIGHTLY intrigued (like hmm you never know what's gonna happen next!!). 

Ok so now I bet you're thinking, "hmmm, did I just read a whole bunch of nonsensical words thrown together so that they (as in me, not those double space losers) can distract us from the fact that they didn't actually say ANYTHING at ALLLL? Or: are they just an INSANE genius who just graced us with THE greatest piece of poetry. EVER. WRITTEN.  Which OBVIOUSLY went right over my head." Well, the answer is: yes. To all of it.  To be honest, I think I've been double/single-spacing this whole shindig (I think that's like wearing gold with silver - which I do ALL THE TIME, btw), but you know what?  ALL that really matters is that now, I will go down in the English books for something ACTUALLY ground-breaking. Yes, your lives are all changed. You're welcome. Those double-spacers are hella jealous. That is how you ACTUALLY make history. With a whole name and everything. (But don't look now, no one will know it until waaaay after my time. Like Emily Dickinson).

Oh ALSO I sometimes play music, and write stuff, and talk (a LOT) - usually about mental health shit. And spiritual shit.  And shit all. Because hey: life, am I right?  Like wtf god (see: very spiritual).           


And other times,  I sit on the floor & stare at the wall like I'm watching my cat do right now. 

Well that was a fun convo! Thanks, all you hungry humans.

Oh & the name's Bex  🤡

be like hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

let's do this shit

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